About Paella

Paella, often described as the national dish of Spain, is both colorful and flavorful. Within Spain the top spot may be debated, but it’s still a much loved and spectacular addition to any festive occasion. It’s an opportunity for professional and home chefs to display their ability to marry flavors and texture. Who doesn’t like the crunchy mixture at the bottom of the paella pan?

The global culinary star is the regional dish of Valencia. The origins of Paella are distinctly more humble than the culinary masterpieces that are turned out by chefs around the world these days. It was a hearty meal for those who worked hard - cooked over an open fire with whatever was available. Think of it as the catch of the day - and we’re not just talking seafood here. Far from open water,chicken,duck,rabbit and snails went into the pan. There is a lot of room for selection of ingredients these days - but saffron is still the key - and presentation is not far behind.

Pinot and Paella is exciting. The many flavors create a magical pairing with food-friendly Pinot Noir.