2024 Participating Chefs (As of 3/12/24)


Cello at Allegretto Vineyard Resort
Chef Jeremy Fike - Certified Executive Chef
Chef de Cuisine Ben Drahos


Deeds Bar & Grill
Chef Lorena Lopez


Jeffry's Wine Country Barbeque
Chef Jeffry Wiesinger


Justin Winery
Chef Rachel Haggstrom


Paella Experience
Chef Clyde Hinshelwood

Hola Paella!
Chef Fernando Craff







Chef Ryan Trimble


Madeline's Restaurant
Chef/Owner David Stoothoff

Paso Terra
Chef Andre Averseng

Paso Catering
Chef  Trish Jacobs

I love to Cater!
Chef Andrei Kibrick

Junction Food and Friends
Chef Nick and Ingrid Holguin

Shekamoo Grill
Chef Sina Shakerian