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Chef Johnny's 30-year career in the restaurant and hospitality interest has been fueled by a seldom seen passion for creating food that is not only beautiful but also delectable.  His secret, now known to all of you reading this on the interwebs, is really simple.  He takes local, seasonal ingredients and treats them gently and with love to showcase their natural talent.  To Chef Johnny, food is not a means to an end, it's a chance to create an amazing experience.


On our first visit to this farm, in the tiny town of San Miguel, we took in every breathtaking detail from the long rows of olive trees, to the never-ending views.  What struck us most was the utter peacefulness of this place.  We both knew right away that we would spend our lifetimes here, nurturing our trees, making great olive oil, cooking and growing old.  Now we are excited about sharing our journey with you.  Boccabella Farms is open to the public offering farm fresh products, chef prepared meals for events, and of course, extra virgin olive oil which you can bottle yourself!

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