Paso Terra

Chef Andre Averseng -

Paso Terra was conceptualized as a local product sustainable farmed restaurant. We visited and met with many farmers, tasted their vegetation, ate their fish, and ate their meat. So amazing the variety of natural, organic product available to us today. Executive Chef, Andre Averseng, embraced the usage of these products has created a menu with flavors and presentation that top the best here on the Central Coast. In addition to his culinary skills, Andre is a well know local artist using the mediums of acrylic and watercolor. His art is in the dining room of Paso Terra. Andre was involved with the first Savor the Central Coast. He was responsible for the seafood display at the opening event at Santa Margarita (Western Awards Dinner). Teamed with Central Coast Seafood, Andre presented a display that can match no other; absolutely amazing. Hence the idea of the seafood restaurant. Only Andre can make this kind of seafood magic which is told over and over on TripAdvisor and Yelp

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