Trumpet Vine Catering

 Chef Elaine Rivera Glenn -

Trumpet Vine Catering has established a reputation for unique presentation, innovative cuisine and exceptional service on the Central Coast since 2000.  We are passionate about creating seasonally inspired cuisine featuring local ingredients wherever possible.  With a special emphasis on hospitality, our professional and energetic team will attend to every detail. You can relax with confidence and celebrate with your guests. 

Executive Chef Elaine Rivera Glenn extensive culinary experience, including roles at notable establishments in the Bay Area, such as Oliveto Restaurant & Wine Bar and Olive Green Catering. Additionally, Elaine has achieved first level Sommelier. Her passion for soulful, personal food and penchant to immerse herself in each project align her perfectly with the culture at Trumpet Vine. She is deeply focused on continually elevating our culinary program while always keeping our guests at the center.