Cayucos Cellars

Deep in the hills of Cayucos, there lies an old dairy barn, no longer smelling of cows, fresh milk, and their leavings, but of fermenting grape must, ceremoniously spilt wine, and strong oak.  Transformed from its fragrant beginnings, this humble structure, and home to Cayucos Cellars, has become a sanctuary of cool waiting, and unfathomable potential hiding in every barrel.  With the help of the nibbling and gnawing of wild yeasts working their magic on naught but the finest fruit to be had in the land, the balefully bubbling and slowly seething substances endure many a long year confined to the clutches of neutral oak.  With patience for everything in its proper time, these are the qualities apparent that define our wines.  

It all began in the auspicious year of nineteen hundred and ninety six, when winemaker Stuart, wife Laura, sons Clay and Ross, and daughter Paige, embarked upon the journey of creating a small family owned and operated winery.  We of the Selkirk family invite you to our tasting room, located in beautiful downtown Cayucos, just a step from the beach, to partake in an ambrosial experience, where fine wine and a warm welcome will always be awaiting you.   

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