Jack Creek Cellars


In 1997 we began the pursuit of a dream; it started with 75 acres on Jack Creek Road in Templeton, CA. Before the first vine was planted we made the commitment to farm the best possible fruit we could, even if it meant a longer period of time before the vineyard became financially profitable. The first priority with the fruit produced from our vineyard has always been quality, believing strongly that without amazing fruit you cannot make a world class wine!

After coming to the Central Coast for many years and falling in love with the area, the search began. We were ready to start our family and were at a point in time when we could make a move and start a new adventure. After many weeks of searching for the right piece of land we were blessed to be led to the JRK Ranch. After meeting and immediately loving the owner, we bought the front 75 acres of JRK Ranch... now Kruse Vineyards and Jack Creek Cellars. 

Our Vineyard and winemaking practices are synonymous: Quality and close personal attention. Hand tended vines producing low yields of fruit with intense flavors, harvested at the peak of performance is our daily focus. This fruit leads to limited amounts of luscious, hand crafted wines for you to enjoy. Handled gently and nurtured from the vine to the bottle we believe that our wines reflect the beautiful terroir of the Central Coast of California.

Located about 7 miles from the coast and on the southern end of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, Kruse Vineyards is located in the “Templeton Gap” as the locals call it. Secured in a unique micro-climate our vineyard receives heavy coastal influence: cool morning fog burning off to early afternoon sun which ripens the fruit, followed by coastal breezes rushing through “the Gap” which cools the fruit down and maintains the integrity of the varietals we have planted. The vineyard consists of 40 acres: 24 acres of Pinot Noir and 7 acres of Syrah, 5 acres of Chardonnay and 4 acres of Grenache. These varieties were selected to fit the unique micro-climate of the vineyard’s location.

Along the way our family has grown and we are now living what was once just a dream: a family filled with love and working together to bring world class wines to you. It is truly a labor of love and passion, and that shows through from the practices in the fields to the production in the winery and finally, our dedication in every bottle.

We believe strongly in family and friendship and while we work very hard to bring you the best wine we can, we also work very hard to enjoy this life and share in laughter and camaraderie with our children, family and our friends: all of whom are the most amazing people in the world.

“We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you.”

~ Doug and Sabrina Kruse

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